The Hunt is On!

As previously show in our previous news story, we are hoping to bring together as many past and present Swindon Panel-linked staff as we can for our Past, Present and Future gathering on 25th April.

We believe we have a comprehensive list of signalmen based at Swindon since 1968 (although we’re happy to be corrected!), and we are now trying to contact as many of them as possible. Of course our interest is not limited to signalmen/signallers, we would be delighted to make contact with S&T and other staff as well! Unfortunately we have very little indeed in terms of records for other than signalmen.

If you are in contact with any of staff members below that we aren’t (i.e., those not highlighted), or any other staff linked to Swindon panel that we haven’t listed then please do get in touch, or give them our contact details. We would love to invite them to our gathering in April.

Staff Members List.