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Notes to Editors

1. Swindon Panel Signal Box was opened in 1968 and took over an area controlled by thirty-two mechanical lever-frame signal boxes, representing the contemporary modernisation of the signalling system.

2. It closed in February 2016 with all signalling functions transferred to Network Rail’s new Thames Valley Signalling Centre (TVSC) in Didcot in the latest modernisation. All similar signal boxes will close in the same process, eliminating this now historic method of control.

3. Swindon Panel Society purchased the control panel from Network Rail for £1. It has prepared and transported it to Didcot Railway Centre where it is displayed in a brand-new purpose-built building called “The Signalling Centre” and displayed alongside other signalling exhibits. The panel is demonstrated to the public using a computer simulator to represent train movements.

4. Aside from this main function the society is also preserving the technical understanding, documentation and human story of power signalling in Swindon.

5. For further general information please refer to the resources on this website.

6. Press enquiries are welcome and should be directed to the Press Officer via the email address above.


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Panel controls on Swindon Panel. The method of operating using turn-switches and push-buttons is widely used on the Great Western.
[Danny Scroggins]
Swindon Panel control console
[Danny Scroggins]
Swindon Panel is engaging to visitors of all ages.
[Ian Lynagh]
Opening day in March 1968.
[British Railways]
Swindon Panel control console.
[Jack Boskett]
Operating the panel controls.
[Jack Boskett]