Monthly Archives: August 2018

Swindon Panel Days for Demonstrator Training

Swindon Panel Days will be held on September 1, 22, 23, 29, 30. These are for demonstrating the panel to public visitors, and for training demonstrators in how to do so.

We will contact members who have already expressed an interest in demonstrating the panel, but if you want to beat the queue, please contact Danny or Jamie to book in to one or more dates.

Training will consist of how to switch the system on and off, how to operate the panel, and (most importantly of all!) how to interact with public visitors. Training will be led by one of the central SP team, and each member can take as long or as little training as needed. When both you and we are happy, you’ll become qualified as a Swindon Panel ‘demonstrator’ to demonstrate the panel, or (again, only if you and we are happy) a ‘Person in Charge’. There is always a person in charge on duty when we are open and that person co-ordinates the ‘demonstrators’.

Please note that, to ensure quality training, only those members who are ‘booked in’ will be operating the panel all day and receiving ‘official’ training. However, these days are open to public visitors and anyone can ‘drop in’ at any time.

[Photo by Frank Dumbleton]