Staff Members

Our list of signalmen is shown below, highlighted in green are those with whom we have contact (or the families of in the case of those who have unfortunately since passed away).

Resident Signalmen

Ron Astridge
Colin Baldwin GPR?
Anthony Callaghan by 2008 to closure (2016)
Jack Conduit
Dennis Cotterell
Terry Cremin
Ernie Cutcliffe
Rob Dare 1998-2000
Bill Dearing
Nick Debaene Left by 1999
George Dicker Retired w/e 9 July 2011
Chris Dodge
Gordon Edwards Left by 1981
Wilf Edwards Left by 1978
Ian Ellis Aug 2010 to closure (2016)
Ken Farmer
Steve Finning Left by 1999
Derek Fry
Richard Fudge
Owen Gibbs
Des Goddard
Luke Goldup May 2008 to closure (2016)
Arturo (“Rino”) Gorla Here by 1995. Retired 15 January 2011 (d)
Colin Gough 1995 – retired Jan 2009
Fred Griffin 1968 onwards (d)
Geoff Haines
Jason Haines Left by 2004
Dave Hamer Left by 1999
Iain Hampton October 2008 to closure (2016)
Michael Heary
Phil Ing
Eric Jefferies 1968 onwards
Carl Jerram July 2010 to closure (2016)
Andy Jones Left by 1999
Ron Kemp Left by 2004
David Lloyd
Brian Lockier (d) 1968+
Derek Main
Frank Mead (d) 1968-1970
Bert Moody
Gary Moore 1970s/80s (d.1988)
Alan Morris
Pat (“Sid”?) Morris
Raph Navarro Left by 2004
Mike O’Neil Left after 1999
Stan Paddon GPR?
Terry Parkes Started 2006ish, retired w/e 31 July 2009
Gary Parrott by 2003 until 2009 ish
Bill Payne
? Perkins
Bernie Porter
Chris Prince
John Rawle 1968 onwards
Robert (“Bob”) Rayner 1981 onwards
Tony Rayner by 2007
Vern Reeves
Steve Rickett
Phil Salisbury
Danny Scroggins 2004-2007
Sue Simmons
Rob Smallbone by 2003 to closure (2016)
Roy Smith
Liz Sprules by 2003 to closure (2016).
Dave Stevens 1992-1995
Phil Stevens Left by 2004
Adam Sutton Left by 2004
Keith Sutton By 2003, retired w/e 7 August 2010 (d. 2024)
Jack Sweet
Duncan Thom May 1999 to closure (2016)
Glyn Thomas (d)
John Turton
James Walker Nov 2011 to closure (2016)
Ian Wannell 1988-89
Bernard Westlake (d) After 1979 to late 1980s?
Les Wheeler
Ron White
Darryl Williams Finished by 2004
Dave Withers 1981-1985
Phil Wood(s?) Here by 1984
Ray Woodward Retired early 1990s
Richard Woolford 1996-2007
Godfrey Zireva 2011 ish to closure (2016)

Non-Resident Signalmen

Paul Gardner Worked panel when SM May 2000 – Sep 2002
Phil Gomersall (Cover) 2010ish
Covered from Swindon B
Stan Thompson ?
Les Tubbs Train Announcer
George Vickery S&T

Signalling Managers

related to Swindon Panel.

Jack Pictor Area Manager 1966-1973
John Crowe Area Manager 1973-1978
Peter George Area Manager 1978-1984
Stuart Palmer Area Manager (Gloucester) 1984-1987
Lawrie Hall Area Manager (Gloucester) 1987-1992
Alan Robson Area Manager (Gloucester) 1992 – privatisation
Lawrie Hall Railtrack Production Manager 1992-1999
Andy Coston Railtrack Production Manager
Area Operations Manager
General Manager
Dave Stevens 1995-1998
Steve Rickett ?
Paul Gardner May 2000 – Feb 2001
Darren Robinson July/Aug 2000ish
Pat Crowther Signalling Manager Gloucester & Swindon 2001-2003
Martin Malin Signalling Manager Wiltshire 2003-2005
Craig Simmonds LOM Wiltshire 2006 – Jan 2007
Phil Ing LOM Swindon & Swindon B 2007
Bob Whittle LOM Swindon & Swindon B Until 2010
Geoff Jackson-Haines LOM Swindon, Swindon B & Westbury
Lorien Clarke LOM Swindon, Swindon B & Westbury
Geoff Jackson-Haines LOM Swindon, Swindon B & Westbury


John Forrester Chief SI 1979 – 1987
Jim Barnes Until 1992
Lawrence Hunt 1992 – 1996
Colin Stanaway 1996 – ?
Heinz Winters ?
Lawrence Hunt 2006-2011
Ted Beausire ?

We are in the process of listing known members of S&T staff.

2 thoughts on “Staff Members

  1. Hi , previosly before the panel box was built ,I was one of the last remaining Telegraphists to work in highworh junction and Swindon west alongside Ron astride and Bill did to. Is loo worked on the other shifts with Eric jeffries and Ken farmer also Dennis cottrell and Arthur watts relief signalman Stan paddon, Les wheeler ,and others .i hope you will maybe get in contact with me .other Telegraphists were Martin lies, Micky ringam ,Dennis holborow(relief) pega.rds Peter goodhew

  2. I can advise that Bernard Westlake died some years ago (probably late 1980s or during 1990s but unsure of exact year). Prior to working in Swindon Panel he was a relief booking office clerk in the Bath/Westbury area and I remember him being on duty at Bradford-on-Avon, Trowbridge and Westbury stations in the period 1975-1978.

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