Past, Present and Future

Swindon Panel Society is delighted to be hosting a ‘Past, Present and Future’ event on Saturday 25 April, and you’re invited!

We look forward to welcoming as many Swindon signalmen from the past and present as we can; those involved in the present preservation effort; and those with an interest in keeping Swindon Panel alive in the future. If you are one of any of the above, please come and join us!

Venue: Great Western Hotel, Swindon (function room behind the main bar area). Opposite the Station. 4pm – 7pm on Saturday 25 April 2015.

There will be a display of old Swindon Panel photos and artefacts, as well as light refreshments. There will also, of course, be plenty of opportunity to catch up with former colleagues and chat about what people have been up to since you last saw them and what the railway has been up to (lots!), and the plans for the preservation.

Everyone is invited, and we are particularly keen to extend our invite to as many present and former Swindon signalmen / signallers, S&T staff, inspectors, and those who had a personal involvement with Swindon Panel as we can. So if you are one of any of the above, please do come and join us. Or if you are in contact with a former Swindon person, please do let us or them know about this gathering!

(It would be helpful if you could advise us of your intention to join us so that we may plan/cater accordingly.)

Can you help us trace others who have worked in the panel…?

2 thoughts on “Past, Present and Future

  1. My husband thomas Davies worked in 14 shop he was a blacksmith as was his father.he done his apprenticeship there,then went in for national service.then back again.i have a book carriage and wagon printed in1957 with his photo over the fires.also I have a book on the high worth bunk train,my husband and his father used to go to work mornings and night home I still have his train pass today dated 1955 sadly both have passed away. My brother Ray wells used to work in signal box by the transfer bridge then went on to be a shutter back in 1949–1950.

  2. Hi danny, thanks for replying. In answer to your question, i did not work in the panel box when it opened, i was working in swindon west box with ron astridge and bill didcot they both was going to be transferred to the new box ,but bill decided to go and work on the permanent way engineering. I worked in swindon west as a telegraphist, booking train times etc, as i would have been made redundant bill and ron encouraged me to put in for a transfer to the goods yard. which is what i did .perhaps i could give you some more names of the signalmen i had the pleasure of working with. relief signalmen first George Young {dec) Claude Wiltshire (dec) Stan Paddon (dec) Les wheeler, i think he went in the panel box .Ashley Roberts (uffington or ashbury sig box Junc then to the goods yard Graham Woolford (dec)went from south marston , transferred to Highwoth junc sig boxes then transferred to the goods yartd as their boxes were closing. i also worked in Highworth Junc sig box with Mr ted Garlick and Graham Harvey. hope to speak to you again soon, i hope these names help you in any future information you may require . i will try and come the evening do , if you would still like me to. p s I was 18 when i left swindon west box , i am now 66{not retired} and still remember all those names asif it was yesterday.

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