Monthly Archives: October 2022

Members’ Weekend Fun & Games

Thank you to everyone who attended Members’ Weekend.

Unfortunately transport disruption meant not everyone could attend who wanted to, but those who were present enjoyed stretching their panel legs in new directions that aren’t possible when the panel is being used to demonstrate to visitors.

Many of the ‘failure modes’ of the panel were experimented with, such as track circuit failures, remote control failures and use of overrides, and a period of ‘Emergency Special Working’ over the area of the panel that is currently being re-wired (conveniently!).

Emergency Special Working is a relatively new method of degraded working of trains during times of failure, allowing drivers to disregard several signals in a row. It is used when there is a widespread failure of signalling equipment such as a power failure, etc. (Don’t worry, there are safeguards in place to make sure it remains safe!)

There will be another members’ weekend next year no doubt, and we look forward to seeing you then!