First Operations Group Conference

The first of our Operations Groups was held this evening by telephone conference – thank you to those who have joined in. We looked at all the signals from Wootton Bassett to Thingley Junction to work out what we would replicate and in what form.

Interesting points to come out of the discussion:

– SN645 shunt ahead has a stencil indicator but is yellow arrows on the panel.

– We will provide SN.668 (removed 1985), in order to allow provision of ground frames etc at Chippenham.

– We will provide a route from SN.284 to SN.670, not 100% sure whether one would have been provided, but it doesn’t require any extra switches as 284 will already require a switch for other routes and SN.670 will already require an exit button for the route from SN.668. Just will require a yellow collar around the red exit button.

There are two operations group, a Monday group and a Tuesday group – next update tomorrow!