Second place in the RailUK Forum Poll

We came a very close second in the RailUK forums poll of a worthy cause for £500.

So very close!

We were pipped to the post by Close the Loughborough Gap.

Thank you very much to everyone who voted.

Two things jump to mind from the outcome:

– We, and the first place, were miles ahead of all the other candidates, showing that we have a good claim on being part of the big league of preservation credibility.

– Proportional to the number of members and followers we have and compared to the GCRs, we have achieved a much much higher turnout. While it wasn’t only Society members who voted, if we use ‘number of members’ as a representation of size, we have 150-something members and won 35 votes (23%). I don’t know how many members the GCRs have, but I bet it’s more than us! This makes our turnout proportionally much higher.

Forums are an excellent way of spreading the word about the work of Swindon Panel Society, so please feel free to relay our big news items onto the forums you belong to, and also remember our forum banners and signatures: on this page.