Welcome to Didcot Day – 30 April

30 APRIL 2016 at Didcot Railway Centre.

Come and welcome the panel, and let the Society welcome you, to Didcot!

Be among the first to see the panel as we take off the covers in its new home, and among the first to ceremonially kick-off the restoration with the re-insertion of the panel lamps and Dominoes.

The “Welcome to Didcot” Day is being held within the Great Western Society May steam gala, with many steam locomotives and signalling in operation on the Branch Line: All the more reason to come and visit Didcot that day!

We will be there from 10am onwards. In the afternoon there will be a photo-presentation on the panel move, plus a guest speaker from the Great Western Society, followed by fish and chips in the panel!

We look forward to seeing you there.

(Note this is all pending that the panel moves to Didcot as planned on 2nd April!)