Swindon Stage 2b Decommissioning

Saturday 23 January saw the next stage (2b) of Swindon Panel’s decommissioning, and transfer of signalling control to the Thames Valley Signalling Centre.

TVSC previously controlled as far as Rushey Platt (since November). The TVSC’s control has now been extended to include all the Main lines as far as the fringe with Bristol at Corsham, including the junctions at Wootton Bassett and Thingley, and station at Chippenham. The first part of the Badminton line is also now controlled from TVSC as far as the new fringe with Swindon PSB at Brinkworth.

For the recording of detail for history: Wootton Bassett East, Wootton Bassett West, Chippenham and Thingley interlockings were all taken out of use at 0112 23/01/16.

Swindon Panel only has a relatively small amount of railway left to control: just Brinkworth to Alderton, including the loops at Hullavington. This will be the situation until the final stage (2c) of the decommissioning, when Swindon Panel will end its service with the ‘big’ railway on 20 February.

Photos of the panel in its new state…. coming soon!