SimSig Licence Agreed

SimSig is a well-known IECC signalling simulator that many people have downloaded and enjoyed. There are SimSig simulations for a great many locations throughout the country, including the Swindon Panel area. The original SimSig idea has developed on to simulators that are now used for training signallers on VDU signalling systems throughout Network Rail and all over the world.

We have been working with SimSig for a number of months to develop a simulator for the Swindon Panel area that will have the added capability to interface with the panel hardware. This will allow Swindon Panel to function as if it is connected to its real interlockings, and as if trains are moving around outside, plus all the other external stimulus that the interlocking would expect, such as point moving, track circuits, signals, etc.

Today we have reached another milestone in the history of SPS, in that we entered into the official licence agreement for use of the SimSig software and hardware interface. We are very grateful indeed to SimSig for allowing us the use of their intellectual property at zero cost to the Society.

SimSig simulations (including the Swindon Panel area) can be downloaded and played on your computer at home from the SimSig website: