Society Family Day – Tickets Now Available!

The ‘expressions of interest’ period for the Society Family Day at the South Devon Railway has now ended. Demand has not outstripped supply (there are over 60 seats on the train!), so everyone who has expressed interest may have a place. Details of how to confirm your place are on their way to you by email from Natalie and Mark, and also on this website here.

Tickets will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis from now on. If the performance of our other events is anything to go by, they may well sell out relatively quickly! See the above link for how to book.

The Society Family Day is open to everyone – all SPS members, families, friends, followers, and complete strangers. We have exclusive use of the SDR Bubble Car for the day, and will be visiting all the signal boxes on the line. There is also an evening fish and chips add-on.

Full details on the website.