Members’ Sessions

A new item for the 2020 SPS calendar is ‘Members’ Open Sessions’.

This will hopefully be of interest to both demonstrator members who want to stretch their legs, and also members who aren’t demonstrators who want to come and enjoy working the panel outside of the chaos of a public open day, or other members’ event when the panel is swamped!

The numbers attending such sessions will be limited to five/six per day ensure everyone gets a good go on both ends of the panel and the back desk if they want to.

Dates of theses sessions in 2020 are:
Saturday 8 February
Saturday 25 April
Saturday 20 June
Saturday 15 August
Saturday 24 October

We will make sure that there are sufficient members present who know how to work the panel and simulator to ensure everything runs smoothly and that attendees are able to enjoy the panel mode of operation they want from ‘calm’ to ‘calamity’!

Please let Danny Scroggins know if you wish to attend. Block bookings welcome!