Additional Open Date – 24 November

A great first training session was held last weekend and we are starting, thank you very much to our first group of demonstrators! Much positive feedback has been received, which is excellent, as well as a lot of ideas, suggestions and feedback for future improvement, all of which will be mulled over and implemented where appropriate.

The development of the panel exhibit is marching on as it has been doing behind the scenes for several years now – I am pleased to say that some furniture has been ordered for the panel room today, including some metal locker cupboards that will go on the back wall under the number plates to store leaflets, merchandise, tuck shop, etc and also display items and merchandise on top. Also on the way is a metal and glass display case which is destined for the small wall on the left as you enter the panel room, which will display items of MAS signalling interest such as relays, ATP components, piltoman’s armband, Annett’s lock, SPRS instrument and key, etc, etc.

An operating day on 24 NOVEMBER has been added, which has induction/training day potential. Please feel free to ‘click to volunteer’ on the roster, or let me know by reply if you are available for that day.

(Preference on that day will be given to those wishing to do induction training.)

November Roster (password required)

There are several other operating days in the roster now, with many opportunities to volunteer, so please feel free to do so (for dates after your induction/training day).

If you are still waiting for an training day, and 24 November isn’t convenient, please continue to watch this space!

Many thanks indeed

Danny Scroggins