Exciting Weeks Ahead

Some of our plans for the next few weekends, which we hope you might wish to join in with!

Saturday 8 October

Work will be taking place on the front pathway to the building, including digging-out and levelling the ground from the front door of the building up to the main platform. No special skills are required, but a great deal of satisfaction is there to be gained from some therapeutic digging!

We will also be continuing our wiring and soldering inside the panel. Our current work involves altering the ‘looping’ between the switches and buttons in the panel in order to deliver 24 volts to one side of each switch and button, in order that operating the button or switch delivers electricity to the simulator input.
The civil engineering group will also be present and engaged in continuing work on the building, including door and window fitting.

Saturday 15 / Sunday 16 October

Painting work will be taking place inside the building to put a first coat over the newly-plastered walls. Soldering will also be continuing.

Plastering will be largely complete by this stage, and installation of shelving etc in the building will be taking place to move our main ‘stores’ into the panel room from elsewhere on the site.

Sunday 23 October

As well as completing any unfinished tasks from those above, we will be continuing with soldering work in the panel. By this stage we will be ready to start testing our 24v looping, so will be repeating a task we did a few weeks ago with lamps, which was to light them up one at a time for testing, which is to attach each switch in turn to a buzzer and then operate it to prove its electrical continuity.

If you are able to help on any of the next few weekends you would be most welcome (If you are able to let us know in advance if you’re coming it helps us plan, but pre-booking isn’t compulsory!)