Work Week 2

Thank you to everyone who joined in with Work Week 2 at Swindon Panel.

Testing and Recording

A great deal of testing took place of the panel wiring and alterations during the week. This involves feeding the tags at the back of the panel and confirming the correct combinations of lamps, switches, buttons and buzzers respond on the front of the panel. There were, of course, three temporary fringes in the closure of the panel (at Loco Yard, Rushey Platt and Brinkworth), so it has been necessary to undo the effects of these.

Electronics Fitting

We made great progress on the fitting of electronics in the panel in readiness for the simulator. These jobs are generally small and fiddly, rather than physically demanding, such as dealing with the PCB components or DIN rails in the panel, but in our case they are often required hundreds of times for all the fittings required, so take a while!

Cable Manufacture

A large number of plug-ended cables are required in the panel, and our young workforce was put to good use in testing and installing these.

Finally, on the last day, all of our tools and equipment were packed away to leave the room empty of everything except the panel in readiness for plastering of the walls to take place which should now be under-way!

When half the room has been plastered, the panel will be moved forward to the other side of the room to allow the rear wall to be plastered, and also to give better access for work in the rear of the panel.