Move Day – 2 April – Early Turn “overtime” available!

The move of the panel is planned to take place at about 8am on Saturday 2 April.

This is before the advertised working party commences, but I am now seeking an additional ‘early turn’ on that day, to start at 6am, in the panel, whose task it will be to wheel the panel out onto the roof ready for its lift. All railwaymen and women love a bit of overtime, so here’s your chance!

If you are an early riser and could help with this early start (whether you’re already booked to be with us for the main part of the day or not), please let us know. Bacon rolls will be provided by Danny! Many thanks.

After the panel has departed, and for those arriving for the ‘standard’ working day, the task will be putting the building jigsaw back together again for handing-back to Network Rail, and saying a final goodbye to the building that has been Swindon Panel’s home for the last 48 years.