Swindon Panel Saturday This Weekend

It’s Swindon Panel Saturday time again!

Meeting from 9ish at Didcot Railway Centre and getting hands-on in the building work.

The building now has four out of the seven sections of the foundation poured, so our work on Saturday will be in preparing the next sections to be poured. This involved laying in the metal reinforcement cages and wiring them all together. It isn’t necessarily difficult work but there is a a great volume of it to do!

As reported previously the reinforcement bar comes in component form and is constructed on site. As we near the end of this work the last pieces will be constructed in-situ in the base of the site. This is what we hope to be doing on Saturday.

There will also be the task of moving crossing timbers into position around the base of the building which are used as shuttering when the concrete is poured.

Finally there is a p-way mutual improvement course taking place at Didcot in the morning, starting at 9.30am, so if any members (of SPS or GWS) wish to attend that and learn a bit about track you’re very welcome!

More generic and domestic details of the day are available on the Swindon Panel Days page.

Hope to see you at Didcot on Saturday!