Soldering Update


Thank you for helping with Swindon Panel soldering!

The components have started to be sent out now, so you will shortly receive one board, plus components. I am sending everyone one board first (despite protests!) This is for two reasons – firstly to make sure that the instructions are correctly interpreted, as a minor ambiguity on the part of the instructions could otherwise lead to numerous wasted boards, and also just in case anyone’s skills…. might better suit them to helping in other ways(!)

(I’m sorry it’s taken a while to get these out, the job has been more time-consuming than I first thought).

Please make sure you see the tutorial videos on YouTube – just search for ‘Swindon Panel PCB Tutorial’ on Youtube and you’ll see them. There are three – one for each type of the different types of board.




For identification, the input boards are blue, the output boards are small and red (approx. 3”x4”), the flashing boards are large and red (approx. 4” x 5”).

A couple of points that have come up over the last few weeks:

- Ventilation – please ensure you solder in a well-ventilated environment. The solder fumes aren’t very good for you.
- Flux cleaning – Several people have asked about this. If you have the tools and skills to do this and wish to then please feel free. If not then no problem. Please let us know if you do do this.
- The tip cleaning sponge is mentioned in the video, but never seen in use…….. (sorry!)
- A tip, particularly for the terminal blocks and similar larger items, is to hold them in place with a blob of blue-tack so they are held square and don’t fall out when you turn the board over.
- The serial numbers have not been supplied, so please ignore this requirement.

Thanks to everyone for these comments.

If you have any problems or you find you have made an error that you’re not confident to correct, please return the board to us in whatever state it is in. We have one or two “professional” solderers in the Society who can do “difficult” repairs.

Transistors supplied for flashing and output boards are in anti-static bags. There is no enormous risk to these, but if you could avoid touching them while wearing a nylon tracksuit on a carpet floor while holding a vandagraph generator in your other that…. That would be appreciated! These boards can go into the anti-static bag provided to be sent back.

All PCBs can then go into the padded envelope they are sent in to be sent back.

Please send the boards back to :

Swindon Panel Society, Didcot Railway Centre, Station Road, Didcot. OX11 7HJ.

Please include a note (or mark on the envelope) your name so that we know who it’s from!

Thank you very much indeed for your help – please let us know if you have any queries.


Danny S.