£1000 Book Sale Donation to Train Describer

THANK YOU very much to SPS member and author of “A Chronology of Railway Signalling 1825-2018″, Peter Woodbridge, who has donated the proceeds from the sale of his book – £1000 – to Swindon Panel Train Describer restoration fund!

Copies of Peter’s book are still available – Peter can be contacted via SPS or via the comments below.

As you’ll see from the photos, it has received great reviews in magazines and has been justifiably placed alongside the three excellent major IRSE publications “Railway Signalling”, “Railway Control Systems” and “Railway Signalling and Control”. High praise indeed!

It is planned that Swindon Panel’s train describer will be the next stage in its restoration and will feature VDU, solid state and Sodeco mechanical units – all three technologies that were used in Swindon’s TD in its lifetime.

Thank you Peter for this most generous donation, and thank you to everyone who has bought Peter’s book and therefore contributed towards the restoration of what will be a very rare, if not unique, installation of a mechanical TD in preservation.