Arrangements & Visits to Banbury North and South Boxes

We had a meeting at Didcot on Friday (11 April) to discuss the many arrangements required to be made for our forthcomign move.
Final agreements have been reached on access arrangements to the site, provision of services, insurance arrangements etc. We are very grateful to Didcot Railway Centre for the help and support they have given us and we look forward to working together in future in the setting-up and running of the Panel.

We then hosted a visit to Banbury North and South boxes on Saturday (12 April). 20 members enjoyed a very informative tour of the signal boxes, both of which are due to close in the next few years.

Several members have posted their photos of the day:

Photographs by “Llangollen Signalman”:

As well as on our Facebook page:

Thank you very much to all who attended and if you would like to put up any photos of the day on Facebook or email them to us then please feel free to do so. Thanks also to the signallers in the boxes for putting up with us!