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You can now officially join the ‘Swindon Panel Society’. The Society is all-volunteer, all funds are used in the pursuance of the preservation and development of Swindon Panel and associated artefacts.

There are membership options for all levels of interest and sizes of pocket.

The activities of the Society, and how it uses your membership fee, are Charitable and governed by its Constitution (Governing Document).

All levels of membership are available to purchase online, thanks to the services provided by HOPS (who kindly absorb the card transaction fees so SPS receives 100% of your membership fee).


Bronze Membership – £10 for two years

Ideal for ‘armchair supporters’, if you would like to help support the Project, but without breaking the bank, you can join for a membership fee of £10, which covers your membership for two years. We will keep you up-to-date with our news by email and invite you to visit us at the panel on any publicly open day or Society open day. Tea and biscuits will most certainly be available, as well as a pleasant chat and as much signalling trains on the panel as you like!


 Silver Membership – £25 per year

If you wish to be more involved in the project and operating of the panel then our full membership option – Silver membership – is for you. The Silver membership fee is £25 per year, and these members will be permitted access to the panel and facilities on non-open days (following an appropriate period under instruction). This may be for your own research, practice, or to organise an “operating session” with your friends, for example. Silver members also receive our full-colour news magazine.

When the panel is installed at Didcot, Silver members will be those with greater access to the panel, private sessions, etc.

Gold (Life) Membership

The gold membership scheme closed to new entrants in June 2015.

Please contact the Membership Secretary if you require further information.

If you prefer, you can apply by post by downloading and printing this form.

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Documentation for Working Members.