Volunteering Documents

Thank you for joining in Swindon Panel Society and contributing to the restoration of Swindon Panel and the development of the Society!

These documents give useful information about the site and its surroundings, and will help ensure your safety and the safety of those around you as much as we can. This applies to all activities undertaken with SPS, not just on the DRC site.

Working Members’ Briefing Booklet (2018)

Contains all the necessary information required for safe and happy volunteering with Swindon Panel Society. All working members are issued with a copy of this booklet.

Acknowledgement (2018)

Society Risk Assessment (2018)

These documents are reviewed periodically, and at least every year.

We will be very glad to receive feedback on the Induction Booklet and the Risk Assessment, please let us know if you have comments about how these can be improved or developed.

Thank you for volunteering!

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