Fundraising — Swindon Panel Needs Funds

As you will have seen in the AGM reports and in the newsletter, the Society needs to raise some new funds.

There are several main areas of financial commitment for the Society:
* £25k building contribution (£20k already paid, remainder due in Summer 2017).
* £5k panel move costs (all paid).
* £7k simulator electronics cost (~£6k paid).
* ~£3k building internal decorating costs (not yet started).

From this very simple breakdown, you can see there is approximately £6,000 of major expenditure expected in the next 12 months, plus other costs such as insurance, tools, etc, so realistically we’ll be spending a minimum of £8,000 in the next 12 months. We recently made £1,500 of unplanned expenditure on security (CCTV and boarding-up), and left in the bank there is now £1,200.

We have been very lucky in the past that we haven’t had too much difficulty raising money. The several delays to the closure of the panel by Network Rail helped this. But now we are in the situation, for the first time, where we don’t have enough money in the bank to carry us through our expenditure commitments.

We have therefore set ourselves the necessary challenge of raising the required £6,800 over the next 8 months (which is the time by which it is required). Nearly a thousand pounds a month is a tall order, so we need your help!

There are many ways you can help, such as making a donation (either via that link, or cheque via post, or cash in person), sponsoring an item from our Amazon Wish List, becoming a member of the Society, upgrading your membership if you are a bronze member, signing up to Easy Fundraising, completing a Gift Aid declaration, purchasing one or more of our Swindon Panel souvenirs or newsletter binders, and helping to spread the word about the Society and its work via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and this website.

The panel is now in Didcot, fully in our possession, and it’s no longer a question of ‘if’ it’s preserved and brought back to life, it’s ‘when’!

The ‘when’ currently depends on fundraising, so if you’ve followed our progress with interest thus far, please consider helping the preservation in one of the many ways above. Thank you for your help – Swindon Panel needs you!